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v7 Panels
A Little SEO 27.03.14 HobbyMan 1.0 2072 0 --
A Little SEO This is designed as a Lower Center panel which will add Open Graph, Twitter Card and Meta Tags to various sections of your site. This version will add relevant tags to your news items and articles.
Download Include Panel 10.08.13 HobbyMan 1.0 2001 0 --
Download Include Panel This is designed as a Lower Center panel which will search your downloads folder and attempt to match older versions of existing downloads and display them in downloads.php.
Most Likes Panel 03.02.13 HobbyMan 1.0 1804 0 --
Most Likes Panel This side panel will show the top pages liked by visitors and is designed to work with the existing Like or Not Panel.
Tags System Panel 04.09.11 HobbyMan 1.5 2343 2 --
Tags System Panel This is both an infusion and a panel that allows you to Tag every news item, photo, article and custom page on your site.
Facebook Comments & Connect Panel 02.07.11 HobbyMan 1.4 2584 0 --
Facebook Comments & Connect Panel This is an alternative to the built-in comments system. It allows Facebook users to leave comments on your site in News, Articles, Photos, Downloads and Custom Pages.

v1.4 -Released
Archives Panel 20.06.11 HobbyMan 1.1 1988 0 --
Archives Panel This is a side panel which will list all your news items by year and month from newest to oldest.
Spam Report Panel 12.06.11 HobbyMan 1.1 1952 0 --
Spam Report Panel This is a small left side panel with a button members can click to report Spam on a particular page. Once reported, no one else can report that page. Admins are notified of a spam report in the panel with a link to a page that displays the reported page,
Latest Additions Panel 11.06.11 HobbyMan 1.3 2038 0 --
Latest Additions Panel Displays the latest Photo, Members, Forum Posts, Articles, Downloads, Comments and News Items in a collapsible side panel with an admin panel allowing you to set which sections display as well as the number of files to show in each category.
Like or Not panel 06.03.11 HobbyMan 1.0 1969 0 --
Like or Not panel
Simple Announcement Panel 02.11.08 HobbyMan 1.4 2470 0 --
Simple Announcement Panel
Featured Member Panel 06.07.08 HobbyMan 1.3 2564 0 --
Featured Member Panel
Top 10 Photos Panel 03.07.08 HobbyMan 1.2 2005 0 --
Top 10 Photos Panel
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