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-> HobbyMan on October 25 2008
I'm putting together a directory of all those php-fusion [unofficial] sites that feature infusions, mods, help files, etc. There seems to be a large number of these sites out there and they can be difficult to find, each one having some cool mods and infusions that you may not know about.

I've put the ones I know about in the PHP-Fusion Links section of Weblinks, so far, there's 14 and I know there's many more just waiting to be found.

If you have or know of such a site, please enter the details in a comment below....

Please enter;

  • Full URL

  • Name of Site

  • A brief description

  • Anything else you think is helpful

As soon as I get a sufficient number of sites, I'll put them together as a sort of unofficial fan site network.
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