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-> HobbyMan on July 01 2011
This is an alternative to the built-in comments system. It allows Facebook users to leave comments on your site in News, Articles, Photos, Downloads and Custom Pages.
You must have a Facebook account for this to work. If your site is to have many comments boxes, it is strongly recommend you specify a Facebook app id as the administrator (all administrators of the app will be able to moderate comments). Doing this enables a moderator interface on Facebook where comments from all plugins administered by your app id can be easily moderated together. This is very easy to do here.

Once you have your App ID, you will also need your Facebook User ID. This will allow you access to moderate the entries should you need to. You will also be able to check all comments in the Comment Moderation Tool
This is a completely standalone system that does not require any core file modification.
Visitors can also Tweet about your page, Google+1 it and Like it.

See readme for installation and configuration.


N.B. It may take a while for any comments to appear in the FB comment moderation tool as it takes time for your "App ID" to propagate through the facebook system.

v1.1 - Added Tweet, Like and Google+ buttons
v1.2 - Fixed download ID error
v1.3 - Validated G+1 code
v1.4 - Fixed (another) download id error, cleaned up URL identification, added page title to tweets. Fixed Like button not showing in IE bug.
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