10 Things G+ Users Need to Remember

-> HobbyMan on September 17 2011
There are many different reasons why Google Plus is different from other destinations in the social space. Anyone with even a minimal knowledge of the history of the internet will know that it has been, at least up till now a playground, relatively harmless where no one gets hurt. True, there have been many tales of people losing their jobs, husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends or both from rash postings or indiscreet photographs reaching the wrong eyeballs. But, when you consider the sheer numbers of people using the net compared to the sob stories, it remains an almost statistical certainty that you won't get outed or caught.

The anonymity of the net has allowed for a certain level of throwing caution to the wind where people could post whatever the hell they wanted without worrying about those nasty consequences. Things could be said online that most individuals would find impossible to utter in person.

That is slowly changing thanks in large part to Google Plus. Google insist on you using your real name, which is no big deal for most people. The main side-effect of this being users must retain a level of person responsibility that they may not have considered before.

With that in mind, I give you

10 Things G+ Users Need to Remember

  1. Own It
    You're signing everything you say with your own name. So, be prepared to defend it and stand over what you say. Editing or deletion may not work in all instances as even the least technically inept knows how to harvest a screen shot.

  2. Never post in anger or in haste.
    Railing against things that upset or annoy you may feel good when you first post. But, it can often seem petty, ungracious or just plain wrong once you've calmed down. You don't have to believe in Karma to know that this can generally be relied upon to bite you in the ass at some point in the future.

  3. No Cats
    Seriously, NO CATS!! I'm pretty sure it's in the terms and conditions... somewhere. I can't find it right now but, it's there. Trust me.

  4. Build it and they will come
    Don't be disheartened if you don't get any comments or interest at first. You need to persevere. There are people with every interest under the sun out there, they just need to find you. One important step is to take some time filling out your profile intelligently and honestly. A negligible amount of info in your profile will not get you followers.

  5. Post for yourself and not for others
    To deliberately post what you think others want to read is sad and a little bogus. Write about what moves or interests you.

  6. Don't be a Stalker/Sycophant
    There are many users who seem to do nothing but link to the power users to get their name in their notifications or just continually comment in their posts about how brilliant they are. Some are obviously looking for a job or trying to advance their careers which in itself is not a bad thing. But, in my opinion this is not the way to go about it. The power users can spot these people a mile away and will be put off by the constant sucking up. How do I know this? Simple, it's good old fashioned straightforward human nature. All the technology in the world can't change it.

  7. Be Descriptive
    If you're posting a lnk, write a brief description about what it is. Don't expect people to have to click it to find out themselves as they won't. They'll just keep scrolling down to the next person.

  8. Interaction requires at least two people.
    Again, there's a lot of double standards by some. They wail that no -one will comment on their posts yet don't make a point of commenting on others. Get out there and read others postings and comment if they interest you. No need to be shy. Remember, they posted it in public for a reason.

  9. Reply Reply Reply
    One thing that annoys me is the number of posters who are lucky enough to get a conversation thread going about whatever they've written and they don't have the decency to join in themselves. If someone has taken the time to read what you've written and comment on it, the least you can do is answer them.

  10. Have Fun
    I didn't set out to make this list so po-faced, it just sort of happened that way. Many have said that G+ is a lot of work with little or no payback. I say they're just not doing it right. There's a ton of really interesting talented people on the platform sharing their talent/knowledge/ideas for free with anyone who wants it. The trick is to find the ones of interest to you.

I hope you find this of some use. If so, please add your comments below.
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