Latest Additions Panel - Updated

-> HobbyMan on June 11 2011
What it does:

Displays the latest Photo, Members, Forum Posts, Articles, Downloads, Comments and News Items in a collapsible side panel with an admin panel allowing you to set which sections display as well as the number of files to show in each category.

This is a great way to amalgamate several "Latest" panels into one, saving you a ton of space in your side panel.
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white Theme

-> HobbyMan on June 09 2011
I'm currently working on a new theme "white". It's the theme this site is using at the moment and is a work in progress. It's designed to be a minimalist theme suitable for blogs, etc and will be a fast load, minmal graphics theme when finished. The header image on this site will not be part of it as it is too big most most tastes. The finished product will have a standard sized header and be fully tableless.
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Documentation System

-> HobbyMan on May 15 2011
Just Released - Documentation System
This is a standalone Documentation System independent of articles. It allows for multiple books to be created with a built in global tagging system and a Favorites facility for members.
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Two New Releases

-> HobbyMan on March 10 2011
There are two new releases now in downloads;

Tags System Panel
This is both an infusion and a panel that allows you to "Tag" every news item, photo, article and custom page on your site. This will make is much easier for your visitors to find what they're looking for.


Like or Not Panel

This infusion adds a L-Ctr panel to your site allowing members to "Like" or "Dislike" a page in your site. Members can like or dislike as many pages as they want. Each page will then display the number of likes or dislikes for that page.

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Happenings 'n Stuff

-> HobbyMan on December 15 2010
As you may have noticed, this site has not been very active lately. Most of my time is spent with PHP-Fusion management stuff so, I don't get enough free time to make new addons and themes which is something I love doing.

Read on..
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Latest Twitter Panel

-> HobbyMan on July 06 2010
It's a centre panel displaying your latest real time tweets with a jQuery form for user to tweet about your site from your site.

It uses the "Like it? Tweet it!" jQuery plugin by Andy Graulund

Live Demo:
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RSS Feeds Panel v1.2

-> HobbyMan on June 07 2010
RSS Feeds Panel v1.2 has just been released. Fixes: weblink_cats error fixed All feed now fully validated to comply with RSS v2.0 DB queries optimized. Feeds now have GUID [globally unique identifier] and correct pubDate to satisfy most aggregators See readme for installation
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