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Profile Visibility Mod

-> HobbyMan on January 01 2010
Just released - Profile Visibility user field. This will allow your members to choose who can view their profiles from Guest, Members or Admins. Of course SA's can view all regardless of settings. Once the user field is enabled, all members default setting are set to public. To change it, all the meber has to do is edit their profile.
This user field requires a small modification of profile.php to work. There's a modified file in the download and for those who have already modified it, see the readme for modification details.

This mod is out of date and has been removed
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Two New Releases

-> HobbyMan on November 04 2009
Two new releases in downloads

User Signature Delay

Spam control, this will add a 24 delay for new members wanting to add a signature. As most spammers post and never return, this should significantly reduce the number of signature spammers on your site. If they insist on posting it'll have to be in the post itself where the moderators can deal with it.

Stickys List Panel

A side panel listing all "Sticky" threads in descending thread id order

Enjoy :)
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Gulag Theme Released

-> HobbyMan on September 30 2009
Just released!
My latest theme - Gulag...

A 90% width grey/black theme for PF v7.00+ with dynamic top graphic which displays name of section the visitor is viewing. Images supplied in English, Danish, French and Norwegian. Theme will detect the site locale and automatically display correct language. If not present it will default to English.

This theme also has it's own matching colour news category images. If you want to continue to use default images, see configuration.
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Error in CoolBlack Theme

-> HobbyMan on September 21 2009
A small error was found in the CoolBlack theme. If closesidex is used in a side panel, it won't display properly. Error fixed and download updated. Only theme.php needs to be overwritten
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Avatar in Comments Article error

-> HobbyMan on August 07 2009
Avatar in comments_include.php

If you used this code prior to 07 Aug 09 and you allow guests to post, you'll need to reload it as there was an error allowing guests to post without captcha. This code has now been fixed and updated.
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Two New Themes

-> HobbyMan on November 16 2008
There are two more new themes available to download...

Colofusion and Pinky

Hope you like 'em.
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Unofficial Mods Sites

-> HobbyMan on October 25 2008
I'm putting together a directory of all those php-fusion [unofficial] sites that feature infusions, mods, help files, etc. There seems to be a large number of these sites out there and they can be difficult to find, each one having some cool mods and infusions that you may not know about.

If you have or know of such a site, please read on...
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